Name: Ashley Stevens

Where you are based: Cheltenham

Insta handle: @ash_runs27


What inspired you to start running?

Every year I watch the London Marathon and I’m inspired by everyone who takes part and completes it! I wanted to be able to run it one day and got the opportunity through a great charity and I’ve now ran in 3 times! It has to be the best marathon in the world. The crowd is one you have to experience either as a runner or spectator.


What is your favourite racing distance?

Half Marathon. Because you can find a comfortable pace and keep it going until the last few miles and then really go for it!


What is your favourite race to date and why?

Seville Half. Beautiful city, ran with friends and got a PB of 1:33:06! Would highly recommend it.

What is your favourite post-run meal?

My go to is Pizza! Anything with chicken and bbq sauce!


What is your favourite session on your training plan?

I love doing a long slow run. Just being able to get the miles in and not worry about pacing. Even better when running with a friend!


Which running-inspired quote is your mantra?

One Step At A Time or Hard Work Pays Off!


If you had all the time in the world, what would be the one thing you’d work really hard on for your training?

Nutrition – I’m terrible for getting in a takeaway in a few nights a week and nutrition is key to help improvements


What piece of advice would you give to a newbie runner?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You don’t know how long their journey has been and yours is just getting started




Which is your favourite bit of kit to wear and why?

On the run shorts – the fit great, comfortable to wear and have pockets. Which is great for putting your empty gel packs in until you find a bin.


What bit of kit would you recommend to other runners (from the RunThroughKit page)?

The blue on the run men’s tee!! The colour is great and it’s a perfect fit. It’s nice to see some colour in men’s kit for once.

Which bit of kit do you own that you now take everywhere?

Sounds repetitive but love the short. I wear them on every run. Definitely my go to pair.


Which event will you be next wearing our kit at?

I will be running the Virtual London Marathon on the 3rd October for charity and will be wearing my RunThrough socks, shorts and hat!