Name: Jazz Crawford

Event/Distance: 100/200m

Achievements:  Euro Junior Bronze, National Champion

PBs: 11.9,24.2

About you

How did you to get into running?
My PE Teacher, Mr Cook said in my school report that I was beating all the boys and I should join my local athletics club. My mum found the closest one to my house and I started a few days a week. I was 8 years old.
Describe what a typical training week looks like for you?
I train 5 days a week. 4 track sessions and 2/3 gym sessions.

What are your goals for the 2021 year?
To get back to the old me, no expectations. Just enjoy athletics and I’ll perform.
How would you encourage people to get involved in your sport or keeping active in general?
Keeping fit is my escape from the real world. It’s nice to have something different to do as well as keeping your body healthy.

About RT Kit

What were your initial thoughts on the kit when it arrived?

The packaging is amazing and the kit looks really soft and comfy.
How does it feel and look once you put your kit on?
I felt so good, I like my kit to be like a suction and this was perfect, no baggy bits. Loved it.

What type of training would you wear this kit for?

I wear my kit to all my track and gym sessions. No need to constantly keep pulling it up, simply comfortable. Would definitely recommend to other athletes.

You can follow Jazz on her journey via instagram @jazzcrawford

August 21, 2020 — admin