NAME: Alice Smith


SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE: Cheshire_runners 


– How did you get into running/training?

Started by doing Couch to 5k with my Dad in 2014 then properly got into it in 2019 when my class bought me a Fitbit as an end of year thank you present. As soon as we did our first Parkrun, we were hooked. Running isn’t something that comes naturally to me. At school, I would have done anything to avoid running, I could barely make it round the track without stopping – how things have changed!

– Best sporting moment/achievement in your running lifetime?

Completing a sub 2 hour half marathon – 1h56:10. Unfortunately, this was a virtual event as it was during the restrictions earlier in the year. However, this has made me even more proud of this achievement as there was no race day buzz to keep me going and I ran it completely on my own with just my headphones for company. I’d absolutely love to be able to go sub 2 hours in an actual race before the end of the year.

– Who is your running idol or biggest motivator?

Beth Potter who we got the pleasure of running with at the Alsager 5. She has really inspired me with her amazing achievements, especially the 5k!

– What piece of running advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t worry about finishing last and book the race / go to Parkrun as we kept putting it off.

– What is your favourite post-race snack?

Sausage and egg sandwich washed down with a Diet Coke

– Where is your favourite place to run?

Any Parkrun, just love touring around. We are currently trying to complete our Parkrun alphabet and have been looking at a few abroad trips to tick off some of the more difficult letters – especially the Z!

– What running shoes are you currently wearing?

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

– What do you like most about the RunThrough kit?

How soft and comfortable the clothing is, especially the t-shirts and the fleeced hoodies. Also love the zip bags the kit comes in as it’s so useful for taking your essentials on race day.

– What’s your favourite piece of RunThrough kit and why?

In the Zone t-shirts, especially in turquoise, just a beautiful colour and I also love the On The Move tights which I’ve already got in both grey and black but have my eye on the dusty pink. They fit so well and offer lots of support during my runs.

– What would you like to see in our RunThrough range this autumn/winter?

Waterproof running jacket and base layers, I always find it hard to find a good base layer for the colder runs so this would be ideal.

– If you could introduce a new item to the RTKIT wardrobe (that we do not have on the site yet) what would it be?

Longer, cycling style shorts with pockets – this is my go to race day item, especially for longer runs which require gels.

– Tell us a random running fact/quote?

The route map for Crewe Parkrun is shaped like a duck 🦆 and this our home Parkrun. However, more often than not, you’ll find us off touring and exploring somewhere new.