NAME: Andy Bradley

LOCATION: Liverpool, UK
SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE: run_bradders_run
 How did you get into running/training? 
It started in 2016 when a friend who was a good runner talked about how good running is. At the time I was more of a weights person and cardio wasn’t on the cards. He dared me to run and said I would like it. Not one to back down on dares I went out the next day and never looked back.
– Is there anything that you are training for as we approach the autumn season?
I am currently working on my 5k times and looking for a sub 20. I am 27 seconds off and am determined to do it this year and finish 2021 on a massive high.
– Best sporting moment/achievement in your running lifetime?
Would have to be when I taken on the tour of Merseyside in 2018. 5 races across 7 days covering 52 miles. Each race was a different distance and type of terrain.
I had just come back from injury and somehow managed to complete it.
– Which races are on your to-do list?
I haven’t fully figured it out yet but I like the idea of running a race abroad. Just not sure on the distance or country. I don’t do well with heat 🤣. I also plan on getting to as many RunThrough events as I can because I think they’re truly well organised races and I have loved everyone.
– What piece of running advice would you give to your younger self?
Start running NOW! I wish I would’ve started running much younger. I would also say not to worry about times, take it easy and go at your own pace. Do not focus on others or compare yourself in anyway. Everyone’s journey is their own.
– What is your favourite post-race snack?
I would have to say a good old protein bar. There are many bars out there by many different brands but I quite like the Kendal Mint Company recharge bar and Moxu Fitness vegan protein powders.
– What running shoes are you currently wearing?
I am currently running in the Adidas UltraBoost 2020. I have had a pair each year and absolutely love them. I am looking for a new pair now as the 2021’s are a completely different and heavier shoe.
– What do you like most about the RunThrough kit?
I love the sense of community and pretty much all the kit. It all fits well with a wide selection. The story behind how Matt and Ben started the company and how they have grown it over the years is truly inspirational.
– What’s your favourite piece of RunThrough kit and why? 
I love it all. All the kit fits well and is true to size. I am loving the newly branded logo T-shirt at the minute which I picked up at the Warrington Running Festival.
– What would you like to see in our RunThrough range this autumn/winter?
Perhaps some thicker track bottoms for the winter months.
– If you could introduce a new item to the RTKIT wardrobe (that we do not have on the site yet) what would it be?

Yes, compression socks. I think you did have them but I hear they’re  not coming back in stock. It could just be the black colour though. Also perhaps compression T-shirt’s

– Tell us a random running fact/quote?

I live by “Trust in Fate, No Regrets” & “Everybody dies not everybody lives” i love them so much I got them tattooed on me 🤣