NAME: Tania 

LOCATION: West Midlands

SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE: @mumma.runner


– How did you get into running/training? 

I was sporty from a young age and I got involved in as many different  types of sports as I could growing up. I think my love for running started after completing my first cross country event when I was a youngster at middle school. I loved the freedom of being let free to run a course ‘unsupervised’ and the fact I was the first girl home and 2nd overall made me feel awesome! I then started competing as a young athlete, but stopped competing just before I did my A Levels. I still ran throughout my late teens and University days, but I didn’t compete or race for a long time. I just ran for me into adulthood and entered the odd races here & there, only having a break from running when I was pregnant and early post-partum days. I hope to still be running when I’m an little old lady!

– Is there anything that you are training for as we approach the autumn season?

Nothing in particular, after ultra training and completing two Ultra’s in the first half of this year, it has actually been quite nice to sit back for a bit. I have considered improving on my 10km road time to sub46 but that might be a target for 2022 now.

– Best sporting moment/achievement in your running lifetime?

I think that has to be this year (July 2021) – Isle of Wight Ultra 106km and my husband and I raised money for Cancer Research UK. This event was not only the longest ever distance I have achieved, but it held significant importance as we ran it for someone special to us living with cancer.

– Who is your running idol or biggest motivator?

I guess growing up as a runner, Paula Radcliffe was my biggest influence at the time and I was of course inspired by her. But now it’s harder to single out a single person. I obviously love seeing some of the professional athletes like Charlotte Perdue & Brigid Kosgei perform, but I love just getting outside on regular basis, seeing people in my local running community and online running community. I really appreciate my local running club, they are the best group of people you could ask for.  I’ve also met some cracking people though the IG running community, which I may have never met otherwise, which proves that social media does have it’s value some of the time!

– Which races are on your to-do list?

I have got my eye on a couple of RT events in new year:

Birmingham Running Festival 2022 & Cannock Chase running Festival 2022. I would also love to run Goodwood, I used to live in Chichester so it holds a bit of sentimental value. There is a local race called Thunder Run that I really want to do too which I also hope to do in 2022. But on my Bucket List it has to be; The Old Ghost Ultra, (or anything in New Zealand to be fair!), any of the RatRaces, and maybe, just maybe, London. Only because you have to do London at least once right?! (Road marathons just aren’t appealing to me right now!)

– What piece of running advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t let anyone or anything suck the enjoyment from the one thing you love. When I was younger, I felt very pressured from my coach, and myself if I’m honest, to perform 110%+ and I stopped enjoying it. This put me off racing for a very long time. Its so easy to get caught up ‘being the best’ & ‘getting the next PB’ and whilst it’s good to have something to aim for once in a while, don’t let it get in the way of enjoying it. This goes for anyone I guess!

The ‘lost souls’ from Disney’s Soul spring to mind, when your passion becomes obsession- don’t become a lost soul!

– What is your favourite post-race snack?

I have a sweet tooth so anything with a high sugar content and I’m generally very happy!

– Where is your favourite place to run? 

On the trails with a view. In the woods, along the coast, finding secret overgrown paths, splashing through mud and tackling natural obstacles are all great fun!

– What running shoes are you currently wearing?

Nike. Pegasus are my ‘go to’ shoe for the roads, but I’m also quite partial to a Saucony shoe.

InnoV8 or Saucony for trails depending on the ratio of solid paths/challenging terrain on the route.

– What do you like most about the RunThrough kit?

Great range of items and colours, the fit is spot on and it’s really comfortable. I also love the handwritten cards, it’s a lovely touch and it makes me smile.

– What’s your favourite piece of RunThrough kit and why? 

I love the bright pink ‘In the Zone’ fleece, I love the colour and it keeps me warm. I wear it all the time, even when I’m not running! The thumb holes are a must as I have long limbs so it keeps my arms from freezing 😁

The summer shorts were also great, the pocket for the phone was very useful and saved the need of carrying an extra phone case or running belt/vest.

– What would you like to see in our RunThrough range this autumn/winter?

Different colour options for the ‘men’s’ snood hoody.

– If you could introduce a new item to the RTKIT wardrobe (that we do not have on the site yet) what would it be?

Waterproof taped seams, hooded pink running jacket with reflective detail (nothing too specific!!! 😆)


– Tell us a random running fact/quote:

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth proved that breasts don’t just bounce up and down during running; they move in a figure of 8 pattern. So make sure you wear a well fitting ‘high impact’ support bra! 💁‍♀️