NAME: Jack Dixon
LOCATION: Bedfordshire
SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE: @thischapruns.



How did you get into running/training? 

I started running in Sept 2018 with a simple goal. To enjoy running. Like lots of people, I’d not enjoyed running when I was younger. I loved sport but the thought of going out for a run for fun was alien to me. I was determined to enjoy running. I start with my local running group on a beginners running course. By the 2nd week I’d already signed up to my first marathon. Almost a year to the day I started, I lined up on the start line of the Berlin Marathon. Something a few years ago I would never have even contemplated. Since then, my running has gone from strength to strength and I enjoy it more than ever!


Is there anything that you are training for as we approach the autumn season?


I have 3 more half marathons to train for before the end of the year. After all of the disturbances of past 18 months, I’m just glad to be out racing again and enjoying spending time with like-minded runners.

Best sporting moment/achievement in your running lifetime?


Running the Great Manchester Half is probably my greatest achievement. Yes, I went on to run a marathon but at the time, a half was an enormous achievement. I ran the whole thing and felt pretty strong throughout. My PB stood for the next 2 years.

Who is your running idol or biggest motivator?
I don’t have one person who inspires me more than the rest. What I do love, is seeing everyone’s superhuman achievements on Instagram. People who run 15min 5ks and others who run 100 mile ultras. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and it’s so inspiring to see what they’ve been achieving.
Which races are on your to-do list?
My long term goal is to chase the 6 stars. I think Chicago or NY will be the next 2 on the list. I love the cities so the thought of running marathons in them is a real attraction.


What piece of running advice would you give to your younger self?
Just give it a go. It took me 30+ years to get out there and give it a go. That’s an awful lot of missed medals!


What is your favourite post-race snack?

My go to is normally the biggest pizza I can find!
Where is your favourite place to run? 

I love running in London. Having grown up there, going back and running is always fun. My first 10km race was the RunThrough Chase the Sun valentines event at the Olympic Park and I’ve been back to run it again since. Such a fun and inclusive event.

What running shoes are you currently wearing?

I currently wear Hoka Clifton 8s for long / easy runs and Saucony Endorphin Speeds for speed work. I have Brooks Cascadia’s for trail running and love them!
What do you like most about the RunThrough kit?
I love the style and bold colours. The bright purple is really eye catching.

What’s your favourite piece of RunThrough kit and why? 

My on the run thin zip up is my absolute favourite. It’s so comfy and the fit is perfect. It looks neat enough to wear as leisurewear and is light enough to wear on a run. It’s just amazing. Now all I need is the full range of colours!

What would you like to see in our RunThrough range this autumn/winter?

I’d love running leggings with over shorts. Like the In The Zone shorts put full length. I’d also love more colours in the On The Run Zip Up!

If you could introduce a new item to the RTKIT wardrobe (that we do not have on the site yet) what would it be?
A padded gilet would be pretty cool. For post race wear. 
Tell us a random running fact/quote?
I love the quote “you haven’t come this far to only come this far” – love seeing it on race days and reminding myself it’s time to smash my goals!