NAME: Sarah Lawrence
LOCATION: Silverstone
SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE: littlebookofrunning


How did you get into running/training? 
My dad is Chairman and Founder of one of the UK’s biggest physical running clubs, Redway Runners, so it’s sort of in my DNA. Years and years ago when the club first started I was just running on the treadmill in the gym. 9 years ago my dad finally convinced me to get off the treadmill and do a parkrun. It was great but it was another year before I did another because I went back to the routine of the treadmill. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t at the time see the social side of running. 
My mum and I signed up for a 10k Race for Life the year after my first parkrun and I thought I must do some running outside, but on my own. My first 10k race was done and a few more parkruns but now winter was rolling around and the dark evenings, dad told me I was not to run solo in the dark so I forced into my first club run! I never looked back, making friends and running socially became my life, signing up for further and further distances till this year completing my first ultra. Life is a whirlwind but running is my constant.


Best sporting moment/achievement in your running lifetime? 

Completing Race to the Stones 100k straight through and qualifying for the London marathon as good for age.

Who is your running idol or biggest motivator? 
My Dad, I’m an incredibly proud daughter to see how far the running club has come along, how incredible a community he has created and the thousands of people’s lives it has affected for the positive. It’s beautiful to see the friendships and relationships that have come out of it, including my own!


Which races are on your to-do list? 
Marathon Des Sables


What piece of running advice would you give to your younger self?
Trust the process, follow the plan and it’ll come together on race day. Plus don’t drink too much tea pre-run! 
What is your favourite post-race snack? 
Chocolate milkshake


Where is your favourite place to run? 
On a Tuesday we do a tempo run as a group from the club around Willen Lake in Milton Keynes and it’s my absolute favourite.


What running shoes are you currently wearing? 
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21’s


What do you like most about the RunThrough kit?
There is a great variety for everyone and all the tops come in lovely colours

What’s your favourite piece of RunThrough kit and why? 
The In the zone t-shirt, it’s a lovely material and gorgeous colour (green). Plus I love my cap for dog walks! 

What would you like to see in our RunThrough range this autumn/winter? 
Some good post race RunThrough trackies!
If you could introduce a new item to the RTKIT wardrobe (that we do not have on the site yet) what would it be?
For bottoms I wear the longer Fusion shorts that are tight racing shorts. Be great if you guys did these, don’t forget the pockets though 🙂
Tell us a random running fact/quote?
The average runner’s feet produce 1-pint of sweat a day, that’s a good reason for new socks!