Jasmine Mitchell- 22 years old

400m hurdler & student athlete in Loughborough

4th at both BUCS and Nationals 2019

Two time British Athletics Championships competitor 19/20

PBs: PB for 400m hurdles is 62.25 and for 400m is 56.70.


About you!

How did you get into running?


My parents, being athletes themselves, obviously got me involved in loads of sports as a kid, with athletics being my main priority. When I was 14, I realised I wanted to slow down my involvement in various other commitments in cross country, county level football and hockey, and take my track athletics more seriously. I joined Guildford and Godalming Athletics Club and before I knew I became Surrey county champion in 300m and 300m hurdles. Unfortunately, as a 16-18-year-old, I suffered lots of back issues. So, after still making it to English Schools in 2015 and 2016 for 400m hurdles, I knew I needed to improve the training I was doing to strengthen my back and limit these injuries. Going to study and train at Loughborough seemed like my best bet due to the coaching, physios, S&C and facilities they have on offer. My love for athletics grew and became much more serious from then onwards! I now compete for one of the top clubs in the country Woodford Green with Essex Ladies who have welcomed me on board the team.

Describe what a typical training week looks like for you?

My coach Alex Currie creates specific training programmes suited to me and we adapt it depending on how I’m feeling during the week. On Mondays we typically do a track session focussing on strength by doing accels and utilising the pulley in the HiPac. This is normally followed by a medball circuit and weights in the gym. On Tuesdays we an intensive session on the grass (eg. 3x 300, 250, 200, 150 @85% or 6-8 300m off 2 mins) with circuits afterwards. On Wednesdays we have a track session, which has recently been focussing on technical hurdling followed by circuits in the HiPac. On Thursdays we have an extensive session on the grass (eg. 2x5x150m or an extensive warm up with multidirectional drills), also followed by circuits. Fridays we tend to rest or have circuits and core. On Saturdays we have another intensive track session (eg. 500m, 300m, 200m, 100m, 400m with max 15 min rec) followed by a smaller gym session. On Sunday’s we tend to rest. Sometimes the Saturday track sessions are swapped out by 5x 280m hill reps. Alex has taught me that rest is just as important as the training itself to allow your body to recover in between the intensive sessions. We include lots of circuits which strengthen our hamstrings, ankles, feet and core. This is a typical winter training week but leading up to competitions, my week would look extremely different!

What are your goals for the 2021 year?

My goals for the 2021 year are to focus on myself and have more time for my training. I have recently just finished my Masters degree at Loughborough University, so next year will be a big year for my athletics career where it can take sole focus. I would love to be able to do some more competitions abroad which hasn’t been able to happen this year and also make it to the Olympic Trials 2021. Obviously, the main goal is to improve my time, which I know I am more than capable of!

How would you encourage people to get involved in your sport or keeping active in general?

I am a coach at Young Athletes Club so I would hope I am always encouraging and inspiring children of any level to train and enjoy Athletics. Coming from a very sporty family, I would encourage everyone to get involved in anything they enjoy whether it be going for a bike ride with your kids, going to the gym with a friend or even just going for a walk/jog with your dog. For me, sport is a massive stress reliever and without Athletics I would not be able to cope with everyday life!

About RunThrough Kit!

What were your initial thoughts on the kit when it arrived?

For me, I was so excited at the prospect of having new, colourful, good quality and affordable clothes to train in. I was so impressed with how quickly it arrived and the beautiful packaging it came in, with a little note I have pinned up in my room which reads “The scariest moment is always before you start”

How does it feel and look once you put your kit on?

I love the fit of the leggings and the thickness of the material. I was so impressed because it is rare for me to find leggings that fit so well around both my legs and waist. I also love the warmth of my long-sleeved top and the purple colouring (which I love because purple is my favourite colour and matches the Loughborough theme). I can’t wait to wear these more in the Winter when I need something warmer, but still lightweight, with a hood if it’s raining! I also love touch of the logo in the corner which is glow in the dark. The ankle socks are also super comfy, and I’ve been using them a lot to train in my spikes recently.

What type of training would you wear this kit for?

I would wear the leggings for any type of training I am doing as they are very versatile and breathable. I can see them being my go-to pair of leggings during Winter. I have been using the socks more for sprint-based training as they give my feet a lot of comfort during high impact sessions on the track.

You can follow Jasmine on her 2021 journey via instagram: @jasmine__mitchell

November 20, 2020 — admin