Name:Khai Riley-La Borde

Event/Distance: 110m Hurdles

PBs:7.74(60mH) 13.59

Achievements:2017 European Silver u23 Medallist

British University Champion Indoors and Outdoors


About you!

How did you to get into running?
Very cliche as my PE teacher got me into running. I was offered the chance to miss a day of school to throw the shot and that’s where my athlete career began. I then joined a club after being scouted at my school districts in which I focused on Shot Putt then transitioned into hurdles when I was 17
Describe what a typical training week looks like for you?
I train 5 days a week. Fortunately, I can alter my sessions and plan what I do at the start of the week but usual training week off season includes:
Monday- gym
Tuesday- track (endurance)
Wednesday- tempo & circuits
Thursday- gym
Friday- rest
Saturday- track session (sprints)
Sunday- rest
What are your goals for the 2021 year?
How would you encourage people to get involved in your sport or keeping active in general?
I would try promote free even sessions on a big field with anyone to join in with. Will be basic level exercises with no equipment.


About RT Kit!

What were your initial thoughts on the kit when it arrived?

I was blown away by the presentation. The high-quality sleeve the kit arrived in made me think this kit was ALOT more than it is. The top came in a unique red colour which made me stand out. This just shows this brand thinks about quality first then price after which is so refreshing with all these sporting brands out there.
How does it feel and look once you put your kit on?
The breathable material allowed me to train to my limit without the embarrassment of sweat patches.
It was a nice fit, hugging around my muscles and was very expandable which is needed for my sport.

What type of training would you wear this kit for?

So far I have used this for a cycle which felt great! I would definitely use this in the gym and my intense training sessions which involve a lot of movement and sweating.

You can follow Khai's journey via instagram: @khairileylaborde

September 04, 2020 — admin