Name: Simon Grace

Where you are based: Leicester

Insta handle: runfatboyrun2017


About you!

What inspired you to start running?
An old work colleague said I couldn’t run a half marathon so I worked so hard to get fitter, lose weight and completed my first half marathon!
What is your favourite racing distance? 
100% the half marathon distance. Challenging yet manageable.
What is your favourite race to date and why?
Berlin marathon 2019. Marathon PB and 5 months of hard work were rewarded In tough conditions.

What is your favourite post-run meal?

Is beer a meal? If not, pizza!!!

What is your favourite session on your training plan?
Intervals, horrendous at the time but the post work out buzz is awesome.
Which running-inspired quote is your mantra?
Don’t be crap. Basically, do your best, if it doesn’t work out then what more could you have done? Nothing.

If you had all the time in the world, what would be the one thing you’d work really hard on for your training?
Long slow runs. They take time to master but are so beneficial. (Stretching, but even with all the time in the world I’m not sure I would improve on doing it)
What piece of advice would you give to a newbie runner?
Comparison is the thief of joy. Forget everyone else and focus on your journey.

About RT Kit!

Which is your favourite bit of kit to wear and why?
Any of the T-shirts. The purple is my favourite!
What bit of kit would you recommend to other runners?
On the move jacket - 100% need to order one; it’s on list
Which bit of kit do you own that you now take everywhere?
The purple Runthrough T-shirt is amazing! It has a 100% PB record too! Just saying.... shirt’s galore! Can’t have to many!
Which event will you be next wearing our kit at?
Very good question- watch this space!

What important advice would you give for running in the winter?
Dress for mile 2; so easy to over dress when it’s feeling a bit fresh out there.
What has kept you motivated to stay fit/train in the last year?
Covid. It did me the world of good with the run streak and the 3:30 marathon (no marathon training!). Unfortunately, the knee has halted running at the minute.
If you could create your own RTKIT item, what would you like to see?
Trainers!! Incorporate some of the cracking colours
You can follow Simon on his running journey via instagram: @runfatboyrun2017
February 18, 2021 — admin