Name: Ellie

Where you are based: London

Insta handle: Ellie_living_healthy

What inspired you to start running? 
I’ve always been active and participated in various sports. I ran along side these. After university I started running a little more to keep fit. In 2018 my dad and my husband said that they didn’t think I could run a marathon. We were at a wedding and by the end of the evening I had signed up to the Maverick X Trail Snowdon. I ran it 4 months later. My dad and my sister ran the half. I loved it, despite injuring my knee as soon as I finished I knew I would run another one.
What is your favourite racing distance?
It depends what mood I’m in! I do love training for a marathon but I love using half marathons and shorter distances during my training runs too! However I’ve never trained specifically for a shorter race.
What is your favourite race to date and why?
Mont Blanc Marathon. The views are incredible the support is amazing and it’s in one of my favourite places in the world - Chamonix.
What is your favourite post-run meal?
I don’t really have a  favourite meal. I quite often will reach for a bowl of cereal pretty soon after getting in the door to keep me going until I can make a real meal.

What is your favourite session on your training plan?
A 1 hour run. It’s long enough to get lost and pick a nice route but also quick enough that you can do it in the morning before work if needed. While I was training for Mont Blanc I got really into this one specific hill sprint session on my plan. I did it in Richmond park and loved it!
Which running-inspired quote is your mantra?
I don’t think I have one specific quote. However in races when things get tough I repeat to myself how lucky I am to be there, to have a body that could train for  and compete in that race and to have the means to be there. That keeps me going.
If you had all the time in the world, what would be the one thing you’d work really hard on for your training?
Currently being 7 months pregnant I am not sure there is much I would be doing at the moment even with extra time. However if you asked me this question during training for a trail marathon I would have said to be able to do more sessions on big hills. They are quite hard to find in London so if I had all the time I’d head out of London for big hills and trails.

What piece of advice would you give to a newbie runner?

Don’t worry if you have a bad run. The next one will be better.
About RT Kit!
Which is your favourite bit of kit to wear and why?
I love my super soft blue long sleeve top and purple t-shirt. They are some of the only bits of kit that still fit me being pregnant!
What bit of kit would you recommend to other runners (from the RunThroughKit page)?
The blue on the run long sleeve! It’s light but so soft! The perfect base layer for colder weather running.
Which bit of kit do you recommend for winter running? 
winter running is about staying warm, dry (if it’s raining) and being able to be seen in the dark. Therefore I go for light layers. So this winter I would recommend the on the run long sleeve with either the on the move gilet or jacket to keep you warm and seen. I’m also a big fan of yellow. So the in the zone hooded fleece in yellow would be another pic. It’s bright but fleecy to keep you warm.
Which event will you be next wearing our kit at? I’m not sure! I don’t currently have any plans for racing again however Battersea Park is local to me so will probably be one of my first races back following baby.

What important advice would you give for running in the winter? 
Make sure you can be seen if you’re running on the roads and make sure to be safe if you’re off road in the dark. Tell someone where you’re going and when you think you will be home. Also having the right kit so that training in the dark or the cold doesn’t seem so bad.
What has kept you motivated to stay fit/train in 2020?
2020 has been a bit of a funny year for me. I was training for an iron man at the start and I think the fear of not being able to complete the challenge really got me up and ready for each session! Since I have been pregnant the focus has shifted and now I work out for me, because I enjoy it and because it has been a great way to catch up with friends this year too.
You can follow Ellie's running journey via Instagram: ellie_living_healthy
January 22, 2021 — admin