Name: Harry Lancaster
Where you are based: The Lake District & Lancaster
PB: 5k 17:01

About Harry

What inspired you to start running? I've always loved sports including football, tennis, boxing, rugby, darts and many more. It wasn't until a friend at school convinced me to give ParkRun a go in 2014, when I really started to enjoy running and hunt for those elusive PBs! Since then, I've learnt so much from running, both physically and mentally, and will hopefully be doing it for a very long time to come!
Fantastic. What is your favourite racing distance? It would have to be the 5K. That's the distance I have mostly targeted regarding PBs over the last five years and of course the ParkRun distance, which is such a brilliant, supportive event. I've completed 140 now and hope to complete many more as well as improving on my PB of 17:01.
Impressive! What is your favourite post-run meal? Firstly, I love pretty much any food no matter how bland or boring, I'll eat it and enjoy it! I usually only get it on holiday but I absolutely love a Seafood Paella. The sauce, the rice, the seafood, the flavouring when it's all right, is sensational and there is so much of it as well! Other more regular post-run meals include steak and salad and chicken & chopped tomatoes with vegetables.
What is your favourite session on your training plan? The longer the run, the better for me. I'm not a huge fan of the short and speedy sessions. I'll happily take a half-marathon training run over 400m reps any day! I love the exploration aspect of running at a more controlled pace with music which certainly isn't possible for me during interval sessions! For this reason, ultras are something I would love to get into in the future!
Which running-inspired quote is your mantra?
"Whatever the weather" & "relentless pursuit"
The only excuse I allow myself to use is injury.
If you had all the time in the world, what would be the one thing you’d work really hard on for your training?
My strength and conditioning! I've learnt the hard way how important it is after dealing with injuries. I still don't do anywhere near the amount I should do so having more time to get it in would be brilliant. I understand how crucial it can be in reducing injury but also improving running form and endurance. All the professionals seem to do it so it has to be beneficial!

 About RT Kit

Which is your favourite bit of kit to wear and why?
This is a tough one as I'm a huge fan of all the kit. If I had to pick two items of clothing, it would be the "In the Zone" Men's T-Shirt in Red alongside the "On the Run" Men's T-Shirt in Blue. Both are super lightweight, refreshingly bold in appearance and colour, and smart.
What bit of kit would you recommend to other runners (from the RunThroughKit page)?
For running specifically, it would have to be the "On the Run" Men's T-shirt. The fit is very secure during the run and the colour schemes are brilliant. I love the blue one!
Which bit of kit do you own that you now take everywhere? 
My "On the Move" Grey Joggers are super comfy. I wear them all the time around the house, after I've got my run in. I'm also loving the look of the "On the Move" Rucksack which I can't wait to bring with me when I travel to future events and destinations!

You can follow Harry and what he gets up to via instagram: @runningtoeatmore

June 19, 2020 — admin