Name: Jordan 

Where you are based: SW London 

Instagram handle: @projectmarathongirl

What inspired you to start running? To be honest it was just something to keep me fit, and a few friends signed up for an obstacle race and I wanted to join in the fun. That was back in 2014, and the rest is history! 
What is your favourite racing distance? I think it has to be the marathon.
What is your favourite post-run meal? Pizza! 
What is your favourite session on your training plan? I love (to hate) track sessions - they 

are always tough but you can't beat the feeling afterwards when you've finished!
Which running-inspired quote is your mantra? I don’t actually have one.
If you had all the time in the world, what would be the one thing you’d work really hard on for your training? Sleep! I never used to struggle to get in all the sessions & the miles but when I used to train hard, sleeping was always the thing I would skimp on, but it's so so important and definitely an area a lot of athletes neglect. 
Which is your favourite bit of kit to wear and why? The vests were perfect when the weather is a bit warmer, and plenty of room for my growing bump too! 
What bit of kit would you recommend to other runners (from the RunThroughKit page)? The reflective jacket - it's great quality but also an affordable option compared to a lot of other running jackets out on the market. 
Which bit of kit do you own that you now take everywhere? The hoodie is perfect for post run, and hopefully when we get back to races soon (fingers crossed)! it will be great to have for before & after! 

You can watch our full interview with Jordan at the lovely Wimbledon Common via the link below:

July 03, 2020 — admin