Name: Emilie Tearle

Based: Brighton, UK

Insta handle: @emilie.runs

What Inspired you to start running?
I started running to begin my weight loss journey back in 2014, but this was only on the treadmill. I began to fall in love with the way it made me feel and loved challenging myself to run further and further each week- I love a challenge! And then one sunny day I thought “hey let’s take this outside!”, I absolutely loved every minute and it made me feel so free! I love being out in nature and making every run and adventure by finding new places and new gorgeous views! 
Whats your favourite running distance?
I absolutely love a half marathon, it’s long enough to feel like a challenge but won’t wipe you out for weeks like a marathon! It’s a great distance to challenge your pacing skills!
What is your favourite post run meal?
For sure has to be some good grub such as burger and chips or a big pizza, oh and of course something very chocolatey for dessert!
Whats your favourite session on your training plan?
I actually really love the long runs, I absolutely love being out for hours and just having some fun finding new routes! I love the challenge of seeing how far your body can really go!
What is your favourite quote?
“No human is limited” by Eliud Kipchoge
If you had all the time in the world, what would you focus more on?
I would really love to focus more on strength training. I find it so hard to juggle running training, work and then strength and conditioning but I feel it would massively benefit my running and prevent injury if I did it much more often!
What piece of advice would you give to a new new runner?
It won’t be easy, it will take time and dedication at first but gradually if you give it a change you will fall in love with running and you’ll never look back, it’s truly life changing! Don’t give up too quickly, all things take time so don’t expect to be someone’s chapter 15 when you’ve only just started, you will get there!

About RT KIT

What is your favourite bit of kit?
I absolutely LOVE the On the Move hooded jacket in baby blue! The colour is just absolutely GORGEOUS and every time I look at it I fall in love! But also it’s so comfy and cosy, such a soft material that will be amazing to run in the winter months and wear before and after races to keep you warm! Looks amazing and feels amazing!
Which piece of kit would you recommend?
Since we have had the summer months and it was very warm, I recommend the On the Run vest in blue! It’s a gorgeous colour to brighten up them gloomy days even more and is such a lightweight material to keep you nice and cool while running!
Which piece of kit do you take everywhere?
I take the On the Move hooded jacket everywhere! I honestly am absolutely in love with it and is perfect for if you start to feel a little chilly!
October 09, 2020 — admin